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First look??????

February 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hello Everyone!


To first look, or not to first look, that is the question! I am not trying to sway your decision if you have your heart set in either direction. I just would like to take a second to highlight some of the benefits of the first look. Lets get started!



1. It is the only way to get both of you seeing each other, for the first time, in the same shot. Otherwise what you end up with is pictures of both of you with all of the smiles and tears, but no real clue of what you are looking at. For all we know, it could be tacos (I know i get emotional when I see tacos)


2. You know you are going to want to kiss him/her! This way you can! In fact, it is encouraged!



3. I think it is way more intimate when it is just the two of you alone.


4. It makes for EPIC photos!!!



5. It lets your husband/wife feel special by letting him see you before all of the guests do.


6. The old tradition has seemed to fade over the last couple years.



7. Your hair and makeup will be looking their best! 


    Which leads right into the next point..


8. It allows you to get some of the portrait shots done before the ceremony, which will make things a lot less hectic later in the day.



9. It will give you the option to cut the time taking portraits short after the ceremony, so you can go and join the party!


10. It will give you and your soon-to-be husband/wife a quiet moment together to take a deep breath and take it all in.


11. If you are going to "ugly cry", You might as well get it out of the way before you make your grand entrance in front of everyone!


Oh, and first looks don't always have to be between husbands and wives. First looks are also amazing with the bride and her dad!


Hopefully, that helped you decide if you are going to do a first look or not. There are a million choices that you have to make on your wedding day. I just want to make them easier for you.


Have a great day!




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